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Eating is Such a Natural Thing, You'd Think -- Originally Published January 8, 2008

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday's posting was chock full of frustration. I guess that was obvious. Believe me, your suggestions are welcome, and I hope I didn’t imply otherwise. Eating is such a natural thing for most of us, that it is hard for me to believe that we might not win this fight, and I imagine that it is hard for you to believe that as well.

Michael continues to be a champion sweet pea eater, although he still wishes we wouldn’t. He’s agreed to take the bottle back in his mouth, but he is wary and afraid that it will squirt liquid at him. We’ve tried thickening the formula, but we’re having a hard time getting the consistency right to the point where he will swallow but it still comes through the bottle. (Pharmacy sold us the wrong concentration of thickener, and we’re having to work that out, too. Hopefully they will take it back, but it is now an open box ….) The bottle itself still seems to be a success, as far as Michael's preferences, but he can’t use it well sitting upright, as it gets in the way of his trach. I hate to make too many changes on him, but we might need to switch him up again.

Not much is new since yesterday. We’ll keep you posted.


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