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Parental Recharge

When I was in the hospital with my son, or I was sitting up all night watching him breathe, or I was trying to find peace amidst the chaos, I often turned to books. Before my son was born, I was an avid, avid reader. After my son was born, I found very few books that really could help me get my mind off my problems. Much of my standard reading required too much concentration, and "easy" reading just didn't captivate me enough.

I found true distraction in these books and TV shows below, even during long and stressed hours in the hospital. Not all of them were of the sort I thought I would enjoy, either, so maybe one of them will be a pleasant surprise to you as well.

GREEK on ABC Family

Also, here are some other books I have been reading recently that I think might have been equally captivating had I read them before:


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