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The Vacation According to Michael, Part 4

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Originally published March 4, 2008

Before we get to today's travel update, I just wanted to let you know that we have been re-approved for night nurses until March 12th. Oh, and Michael continues to eat more every day. Also, tomorrow we go see Dr. B________ as the first step in determining whether Michael will be allowed to take a sleep study next month and maybe get his trach out. As always, thanks for your support. Now, back to the program.

Michael's Travel Log, Day 5, Wednesday, transcribed on this, the following Tuesday:

Well, the O2 monitor is everyone’s least favorite piece of equipment. When I sleep, it always says I’m not breathing well, but the doctors say its lying. Dad hates it, and our friend threatened to throw it into the pool. It was going off about 4x an hour, and at least 1x an hour, someone has to get up and fix the cord, or empty the water from my hose, or re-attach the sensor on another spot. Well, finally on Tuesday I had a great night – my levels were 97 or above all night long (where they probably always are, just the dumb monitor can’t figure it out). I think Mom and Dad finally SLEPT, which is a good thing because I like it when they are well rested and happy. They play a lot more that way.

I got to stay at the unit today with our friend for the afternoon, yay!!!! I like that. Mom and Dad and Grandma went off to have some fun. Our friend told me all about the exhibits she had seen that morning, and it sounded really cool … medical dissection, the Titanic … wish I had gone. (Or maybe not – I’m not sure I understand it all.)

I understand that Mom had a good day at the slot machines in Treasure Island today. I had a good day in the hammock with our friend and all by myself. It was my very first hammock. Our friend has such neat ideas.


Today we went to Circus Circus, a kid friendly casino. I liked it, but I slept, so Mom and Dad said, “what’s the point?” and went to the Bellaggio. We had to cut things short because Mom and Dad and our friend were going to see “O” and I got to stay with Grandma. From my perspective, this is getting routine. Up in the morning; off to see more shining lights; funny restaurants; home to sleep. Our friend had a big day, though, hitting a couple hundred dollars on the slot machines, lucky dog. Wish I was allowed near those slot machines. I would bang those buttons something fierce!


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