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Another Daddy Update -- Originally Published January 21, 2008

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greetings all!! This is another Daddy update. Since Daddy updates are always sponsored by letters, this one is brought to you by the letter Y as in why oh why oh why. The last week has been very eventful. Since Michael is healing so wonderfully the pediatrician has set up a schedule to get Michael back on track for his 6 month vaccinations (Michael looovvvves needles).
Michael also got his first feel of snow while out for a doctor’s appointment. Michael does not like snow one bit. He thinks that snow is just too cold and doesn’t like how it oozes on him as it melts. After a few seconds Michael was giving serious consideration of going to live with Grandma and Grandpa in Florida until it warms up here in Virginia.

Michael also had an appointment with the million-dollars-an-hour speech therapist. She had requested that we bring all the feeding stuff with us so that she could see what Michael is and is not capable of. When we got there she wanted to start Michael off with some stage one baby food. He took to this right away. He ate about 4 spoonfuls and was just smiling like he was having the time of his life. The therapist then wanted to go the thickened formula by bottle. Again Michael took to this like a champ. He did so well that the therapist wanted to see how well he did with a normal bottle. Dad thought this was just going to throw Michael over the edge, as it has been virtually impossible to get Michael to take anything. Well….. He did just fine. He drank about 1 ounce for the therapist. During the bottle feedings the therapist noted that Michael could suck just fine but he did have some problems with the swallowing. From the brief evaluation she could not determine exactly why Michael had difficulty swallowing but she did say that it was not something to become overly worried about. To test his swallowing, the therapist took an open cup and basically poured half an ounce down Michael's throat. Michael loved this and drank all of he was given and smiled at the therapist and asked for more. The therapist said that Michael was doing wonderfully and that it would be a good idea to get him started on a sippy cup. Daddy was very glad to hear this and was excited that we had something to work towards. At the next meal Daddy tried to feed Michael like the therapist had done. Michael would have none of it and cried all the way through his next feeding. Why oh Why oh Why. Over the course of the next couple of days Michael has started to eat more but has still not eaten like he did for the therapist

Well that is the highlights from last week. We can only hope that things continue to progress and Michael continues to eat better in the days to come.


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