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July 23, 2007

Friday, April 23, 2010

I guess this posting is a tad later than usual. A lot is going on, but I won't keep you in suspense by waiting until tonight.

Saturday night, after we left, the doctors turned down Michael's pain medication again. It was set at "1" when we left yesterday, and it has been going down at a rate of 0.5 each time they turn it down. (The actual dosage is a bit complicated, based on volume per weight per hour, but like lots of hospital formulae, it boils down to a one number setting on the pump.)

Since Saturday, the CPAP settings have been turned down a few times, and by the time we left last night, it was at the lowest settings before removal. Michael's x-rays continue to be great, as are his blood gasses.
The doctors are very pleased. They even suggested that his arterial line might be coming out today. He will be transferred to a crib as soon as they can find one. The NICU is very full of crib kids right now, which is great for those kids that no longer need isolettes, but it means Michael may have to wait for his bigger bed.

Speaking of all those other kids, the hospital is saying that the NICU is very crowded right now, with lots of premies and sick kids. We are all so grateful for all of the prayers for Michael, but we can't help but think of all those other kids and parents. Some of the babies have been in the hospital for months and months, and some of the parents have to travel hours to see their kids. It sure would be great if you could include the kids and parents of our NICU in your prayers. And, for that matter, kids and parents in hospitals everywhere. It sure is hard to be separated from your baby, and not all parents have the incredible support network we have with all of you. Some of those poor kids only get to see their parents once a week because that is all the more often they can get there with the distance and their other obligations (kids, job, etc.) All the great messages from all of you help us remember how lucky we are, and help give us strength to offer support where we can. We sure would appreciate if all of them could benefit from your prayers too.

We will update more soon. Thanks again to all of you.


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