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Later July 23, 2007

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monday night:

Well, Michael is going off his IV nutrition and will be stomach fed entirely as soon as the current bag is gone. Too bad this doesn't get rid of any tubes and wires just yet, as the same line is being used for multiple things, but it does mean one less machine hooked up to him.

The biggest news on the progress front is the great experiment Michael is trying tonight. At 2AM, they will turn his CPAP off. At 4AM, they will take another test of his blood gassess. If the blood gasses are good, the ventilator is gone! Now that is a HUGE tube to get rid of. (But where will they attach his mobile?)

The biggest news on the care and comfort front is that Daddy got to hold Michael for the first time in two weeks. The arterial line is still in place, but the doctors have written an order that we are allowed to hold him anyway, so long as he can tolerate it. (And, to be honest, it has to be fairly quiet and not crazy in the NICU because it is a delicate transfer with the arterial line.) Michae and Dad both had a great time. Michael was less fussy on all fronts. He didn't cry or pout after he settled in, he didn't squirm or kick, and he didn't get any raspy sounds from his trach. It was like he was waiting for this. What Michael did do, though, is decide to puke for the first time in his life, to Dad and Michael's great surprise! (I'm not sure who was more surprised at that.)

It has been a great day. Hopefully it will be a great night as well.


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