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July 28, 2007

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today has been fun. Daddy gave Michael a bath today with the nurse. It was a bit of a new experience for both of them. Mommy videotaped it (bath day at the hospital doesn't often come on a Saturday, so Dad needed his turn when it came!) Michael wasn't thrilled with the experience. In fact, he seemed a bit frightened. Poor kid has not spent a lot of time upright -- at least not awake. He wasn't sure what to do with it. Surely he'll come to love it in time. If not, I guess that makes him all boy!

There have been no more puking episodes since last night. He got an extra hour before the next feeding time after last night's fun. The Nurse Practicioner also modified his feeding so that the food is pushed into his stomach over a whole hour instead of the previous half hour, but he is still eating the same 55 ml. They will re-evaluate on Monday, but hopefully the poor kid just needed a bit of a break after such a busy week.

Monday should be a busy day. He gets a hearing test and, depending on the radiology schedule, a video swallow test. Hopefully we will learn lots from both. It is clear to all of us that see Michael every day that he can hear. He is soothed by singing and other music and will look at people when he realizes they are talking to him. But, he is growing more immune to sound. There is so much going on around him all the time, including people talking around his bed all the time, that he just tunes everyone out. We wonder how they will test a kid immune to sound? I guess we will have to see!

Adam and I are truly thankful for all the offers of help everyone has made. We've finally collected ourselves and came up with a list of things we could use some help with. Adam and I had a pretty big "honey do" list for the summer. Between my bed rest before Micahel , and all the time in the hospital, it really isn't getting done. If you are inclined to help with anything you see, please give us a shout. [Author's note -- I deleted most of the list but kept some that are relevant to the unfolding story]

1. During the month of August, starting on the 6th, Adam and I will be without a kitchen. We will have a microwave and some refrigeration capability and that is it. We can use meals that can be microwaved. The tough part is that Megan (and Michael ) cannot eat cheese, cream soups, sour cream, or anything that has more than a cup of milk in it. We do have a non-dairy sour cream that we can offer from our fridge that will make a good substitute in a casserole, though.


6. Got any referrals to good nanny agencies? We need 'em! Michael is not allowed in daycare for the time being.

Again, thanks so much to all of you! You are the best!!!!!


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