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July 27, 2007

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Big day ... started great ...

Michael tried eating from a bottle today. He managed to get 10 ml into himself, and he seemed to enjoy the experience. Monday is a "video swallow" test to see how he is swallowing and where the food is going. It will also test the effectiveness of different bottles and nipples to see what will work best from a swallowing/non-aspiration perspective. Michael will also have his hearing test on Monday. Another big day.

Tonight ended on a down note, though, with Michael spitting up a decent portion of his late night feeding. It is only the second time he puked, but he managed to do it three times during the feeding. Unfortunately, this will need to be reviewed by the doctors and nurse practicioners and may require an adjustment to his feeding progress schedule. Hopefully everyone will treat this as an isolated event and not a major episode, but it is possible that this will cause a setback in getting Michael home if they decide to roll back the feeds. They take feeding very seriously in the NICU.


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