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July 29, 2007 -- Adam's Post

Friday, April 30, 2010


Today's update is brought to you by Adam and the letter "W". Adam speaks:

Today was another good day for Michael. When Mom and Dad arrived Michael was in a swing and having the time of his life. It must have been that change of perspective or something. Being the weekend everything was kept at the status quo.

Mommy got to hold and rock Adam once he was finished with swing. Michael loves being held by Mom. Michael snuggled right into the crook of Mommy's arm. However, Michael thought that Mommy was not quite warm enough, so he decided to share some "liquid warmth" with Mommy. That's right, a big wet spot right through the diaper, the outfit, the blanket, right to mom. Michael thought that he was doing so well that he smiled right at Mommy as he was doing his best to "keep her warm". Once Michael had "warmed" mommy he promptly fell asleep. Since Michael was comfortable and Mommy wasn't, we decided to call it a day.

More great things to come throughout the week. "W" stands for "Weeeeeeee".



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