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August 1, 2007

Monday, May 3, 2010


More feeding today! Michael is allowed four attempts to bottle feed during a day -- at about 10-15 ml/attempt. The rest of his now 60 ml of food goes directly into his stomach. Mom got the first two bottles of the day. At noon, Michael was a champ and chugged 15 ml with little problem, but a whole lot of burps. The second bottle at 5pm was good but not quite so successful, as Michael couldn't seem to stay awake for the last part. He managed about 10 ml, which is all the doctors were expecting. Mom and Dad, however, keep telling Michael that he needs to stay awake for bottles, because most people have to eat through their mouths and don't have the luxury of sleeping while food pours into their stomachs. Interesting thought, though, isn't it?

Dad got the 8pm bottle, and again, Michael chugged a good 15 ml, with some huge burps. The last few mls were an exercise in keeping the baby awake, but we managed. Blowing on his face works wonders ... for a little while. (And for those of you who know Michael's cousin Lynn, we have been warning Michael that the ultimate baby wake-up call involves dunking his feet in the water, but he doesn't seem to care just yet.)

The nurse will give Michael his last bottle of the day, so we'll have to find out how that one goes later on. Who knows -- he may be eating it as I am typing. (Or, as the medical staff says, he might be "feeding" as we speak.)

Mom and Dad had their CPR training, and some more trach tube training today, so we're doing our part to get him home. 1-2 weeks is the target. We'll let you know when we know more.

Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes. It truly keeps our spirits up knowing you are all out their pulling for us.


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