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July 31, 2007 -- Adam's Post

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today's Carepages Message is brought to you by Adam and the letter "B". Adam speaks:

Well, Michael had another great day. Several things were going on for the little guy today. First off he had a hearing test today. This was an interesting event. We were told that they hooked a couple of electrodes onto Michael to monitor the signal between his ears to his brain. Something that probably works better than telling him to push a button when he hears a sound. The final results from this test won’t come back for a couple of weeks but things looked good.

After that Megan got to give the little guy a bath by herself. Although the nurses are still quite protective of their star, so they kept a constant watch on mom. Michael did not like anything about the bath and fought mom the entire time. He did not relax until he figured out that mom was drying him off and that he was done with the wretched water thing… at least for now.

After the bath the speech therapist (does the feeding analysis) came by and made sure that Michael was still doing okay on his bottle feedings. Mom got to give Michael a bottle this morning. We are not sure if he had more milk or air during this feeding. He ate about 6ml of milk and was passing air out of both ends for most of the feeding. The only reason he stopped was because he fell asleep… probably because he fought so hard during his bath.

Dad got the second attempt of feeding Michael by the bottle. He did better than mom… he got Michael to eat almost 7ml….I take my wins where I can get them :). Again though we are not sure if had more milk or air as he was continuing his trend of passing air out both ends the entire time he was eating. Michael even burped so loud that the nurses and mothers on the other side of the NICU were wondering what in the world had happened. For those of you that are worried that we are not feeding Michael enough, he also still gets his regular feeding of 55ml by the tube going straight to his stomach.

As you can see Michael had a big day today. Let us continue to go forward down this road of healing.

"B" is for "Buuurrrrrrpppp!"


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