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Setember 27, 2007

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, two nights ago (Tuesday night) Michael made his first trip to a restaurant. It wasn't exactly what we planned to do, but we ended up at IHOP at about 10PM. Michael was waaaayyy tired, and his car seat won't let him twist himself up in his "all night" sleeping position, so it was a long meal for him, but in all, he was a good boy. If he had working vocal cords, he would only have been whimpering and wailing a little bit, not shrieking all out.

Not much else to report -- we may have a small breakthrough on our nursing situation, but no permanent solution. More on this as facts become available.

Eating is still a royal challenge. Mom and Dad have tried again to use a Pigeon nipple -- it worked the first time we tried it (this time around), but not the second time. Michael liked it, but didn't get any food from it after the first attempt. We aren't sure what he is doing differently, but it is something. So, we're trying an enlarged nipple hole. It works, but that in itself seems to be creating a problem. Michael doesn't seem to like nipples that actually "work" for him -- only those that act like pacifiers. He prefers not to swallow if he can help it. Ugh.

Other than the above, there isn't much to report. More when we know more.


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