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December 2, 2007

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shortly after I posted the last update Michael gagged himself and threw up. So much for adjusting his food volume, eh? But, one emesis in 24 hours is better than 6, right? (Emesis = medical for "puke").

Thanks for all the video offers. Someone is out there looking for Bunnytown for us, but I have read my emails recently and have heard from a good authority that the show is too new to be on video yet. I hope our good authority figure is wrong, but she seldom is. Just to be clear, Bunnytown is truly MICHAEL's choice, not ours, but it is comparatively low on the parent-annoyance factor as far as kids programming goes. Mickey Mouse Playhouse isn't bad either, and Michael likes that one, too.
Does anyone have a Santa suit we could borrow? We're thinking that it would be fun to dress up Adam and take Michael's picture that way. That way we won't miss having his picture taken this year. If no one has one, we can rent one or probably buy one in the pre-Christmas sales. is a pretty good website, if y'all haven't checked it out yet.

For those of you who turned off the Washington/Hawaii game in the first quarter, you missed it. Hawaii is making a big comeback. Go 'Bows!


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