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November 9, 2007

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well, it is the last day of our last full week with A___ as our nurse. She'll be coming some days going forward, but not most of them. Now we have to break in a whole new person!!!!! And, of course, there are gaps in the schedule on dayshift while we get re-oriented. *sigh*

Michael is handling his cold reasonably well. On Wednesday he was better enough to leave the humidifier (blue hose) behind for most of the day, but then he was up for many hours on Wednesday night playing and coughing. Then on Thursday, he was super-super congested and feeling pretty awful. We're hoping today is a better day because Michael has a long car ride to PA this afternoon so we can see a vision specialist Saturday morning.

We had a visit from the new speech therapist last Tuesday. She is a bit baffled by Michael's lack of concern about eating and how to make him want to try despite his "uncoordinated swallow". She plans to bring by her mentors when she comes back next Tuesday. We'll have to see how that goes -- I don't get the sense that she works too much with babies.

We're still progressing toward surgery on the 20th of December. Michael will be having his palate closed, and we just confirmed that he will have tubes in his ears at the same time. Big day for the little guy. But, because of Michael's repeated illnesses, we will be limiting visitors in the month of December. I'm sure you all understand.


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