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November 12, 2007

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, today was the last day we see Nurse A___ for a whole week, as she is now working basically Mondays and some Saturdays. And, we have no nurse for the next two days during dayshift, along with some gaps toward the end of the month. Of course, A___ will be sorely missed, and Adam and I are once again reminded of how hard it is to get Micahel places without a nurse and how hard it is not knowing who is coming to help us on any given day. Hopefully the new nurse they are sending on Thursday will work out just fine -- or at least fine enough until A___ can come back in 6 weeks. (Let's not even think about what happens if we have no nursing care allowed by the insurance company in 6 weeks.) I'm not ashamed to admit that we said goodbye to A____ with some tears. She has really become part of our family, and we are very attached.

As far as the insurance goes, here are the facts: we are entering into the recertification period again. Our current precertification period ends on November 25th, and the recertification process begins in three days. I have some assurance from Michael's case manager that we will be covered through surgery, but of course that is just talk until the letter comes. Plus, after surgery is a whole new ballgame.

Now on to the proud parent story -- it isn't true that babies need lots of tummy time to figure out how to roll over. Michael barely had any since the "G-tube incident" because Mom was a bit fearful. But, today, he rolled front to back three times. He can only do it when his hands are put in front of him by Mom or Dad because he isn't quite coordinated to put his hands there by himself. But, he tried to roll over with his hands behind him in the "flying" position and got pretty frustrated when he couldn't make the rollover work that way.

Also, Michael did roll back to front once, two weeks ago, but it was purely by accident, and he has shown no sign of actually doing it again. (He makes it about 3/4 of the way and stops.)

Well, that's about it. Catch y'all later!


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