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November 19, 2007

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hmmm. Michael's lingering cold has taken a turn for the worse, and we have another lung infection. We are treating it aggressively with antiobiotics, but if he doesn't improve we may move on to steroids. The goal is to get, and keep, him healthy for that looming surgery date! In the meantime, Michael is *smile*, *cough, cough, wheeze*, *smile!*. He is such a good natured baby.

We're still waiting for his first Synagis shot (antibodies against the dreaded RSV virus). The company that was to send the shot has not done so yet. It has been a nice game of phone tag and whisper down the lane to get this straightened out, but hopefully it is on the way toward being fixed. The shots need to be given 28 days apart, and the doctors want two shots in before surgery. I keep telling every clerk and nurse that I get my hands on that we NEED this shot in the next 48 HOURS to comply with the doctor's orders. *sigh*

As far as the Prevacid debacle goes -- I still have no idea why it was "confidential". The drug apparently requires a pre-approval. The pharmacy handled the pre-approval last time, but for some strange reason the insurance company refused to tell them what was wrong this time. I dare say it is more than I can figure out. I'm getting to know Michael's pharmacist "Doctor Bob" better than I intended!

Well, Michael says, "Hi" to everyone. He is having a ball of a time with Aunt Louise, who is staying with us for Thanksgiving. They have hit it off like old pals. She has been a trooper and wins the "special thanks" award of the week. (Who else but an aunt would clean off your dining room table from two feet of paper and crap when you ask????) And, she had her share of staying up with us when our wonderful weekend night nurse was admitted to the hospital on Saturday. (She's pregnant, and we hope everything is okay ....) Lucky Michael got to sleep on her lap during the middle-shift. He was coughing too hard to lay down after the midnight meal, and she made Michael's night by holding him for several hours. Lucky Michael!


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