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October 23, 2007

Friday, June 4, 2010

GOOD NEWS! Michael is heading for surgery soon! We are tentatively scheduled for palate closure in the first week of January, but it might be earlier. Michael is on the wait list for a spot on December 20, and we'll know by Thursday if the person already scheduled for that date will have to change it or will confirm it. And, Michael is also on the cancellation list to take any spot that opens up because another patient gets sick or whatever.

Basically, Dr D_____ thinks that Michael is big enough and strong enough that "there is no reason to wait." YAAAYYYYY!!!!! I'm sure we are the most excited parents to ever plan surgery for their kid! It will be a hard thing for Michael , but it really is the next step on his road to getting better. It will help his breathing, and it will really change the way he approaches eating. (And hopefully it will be a major improvement there, too, but we will have to see.)

We'll keep you posted!


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